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Brought together by mutual passion....

The big “light bulb” moment of trading with Mexican artisans happened during a road trip to the South of Mexico in 2014. We drove around 6.000 kms. capturing the essence of the people, tasting their amazing food, and admiring what their hands could create! We quickly fell in love with the idea of spreading a little bit of Mexican culture around the world. In 2016 we started our boutique Bohetnika. Since then we have traveled twice a year to Mexico scouting out new local artisans and carefully selecting new items fit for you while at the same time focusing on the well-being of our producers and keeping a respectful fair trade partnership with them. In 2018 we have launched our first collection, where Liz participates in the design and co-creation of the designs and artisans from Puebla and Oaxaca do the magic with their beautiful embroidery skills.

- Liz & Alex

Our team, our job, our dream.

Interview Artisan Herminia García

Oaxaca, Mexico / April 2017

Bohetnika show room / Berlin

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