• Liz

Amazing 2020, loading...

As every years since 2016, me and Alex spent amazing days driving down to Oaxaca and Chiapas during November. Now, it's almost new year and we have lots of good news to share.

We are currently waiting for the next collection to be delivered in Mexico city while we are taking a few days of in Colombia. We are so excited to hear once in a while about the process and the making of the new collection. Stay tuned! We will launch on our website all the amazing textiles by February 15th. This year, we will focus more in our web shop and we will try to improve the shopping experience. For us it is very important that you get to know the real origin of the clothes you're buying.

About the new collection

We are using eco-friendly materials for our garments such as linen, cotton and organic cotton. This time, I am launching a small collection of jewelry, mostly earrings, made by me. I am really loving the use of natural pigments so, this will be the main focus for them.

I want to share with you some pictures that our friends from Khadi Oaxaca shared with us, it's about the process, take a look!

About our trip

We usually rent a car in Mexico city and drive down to Oaxaca and then Chiapas. It is always a wonderful experience, imagine all the delicio