Who doesn’t love a tunic with some color-pop? Wear this in the daytime with a pair of sandals for the beach, sneakers for a modern look or high heels for a chic night out! This tunic has feminine flare with the detailed, original, hand embroidered stitching. Whether you’re into Boho or Ethnic designs, this dress is super versatile! Planning a trip to the beach? Wear this to your favorite resort as and be undeniably fabulous!


Fabric: 100 eco-friendly, prewashed and softened linen from Lithuania

Details: 100% hand embroidered by artisans in Tehuacán, Puebla.

Size: Medium

Side to side: 53 cms / 21''

Length: 113cm / 44.5''


M/ 100% linen hand embroidered tunic


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