A Tzotzil Maya huipil handwoven in Chenahló, Chiapas Mexico on the backstrap loom. Traditional clothing is still worn by many people in the town. )

Size: M-L

Side to side: 76cm/ 30''

Bust up to 110 cms/ 43''

Length: 50 cms / 19''

M-L/ Chenalhó Huipil blouse

  • *Each item is hand-crafted using traditional techniques, maintaining their local artisanal skills. Please understand that our clothes have minor differences in shape, color and texture sometimes.***

    **Our mission is based on dialogue, transparency and respect with artisans, so that way we create a Fair Trade partnership.​ We are concern for the well-being of small producers and we do not maximize profit at their expense. Our team travel each year to the south of Mexico looking for disadvantaged local artisans.**

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