Back-strap loom or waist loom technique huipil.but...what is it? It is pre-hispanic weaving technique which consists in connecting the warp threads (those which constitute the base of the weaving) on a fixed anchorage (often a tree or a post) to the belt of the weaver who works on his knee. The artisan therefore provides the necessary tension to the threads in order to pass the shuttle with the weft thread (the one that will give the textures, patterns and colors to the weaving).This is a beautiful huipil 100% handmade by artisans in Chiapas, Mexico. You can see the mayan symbols like the rhombus which symbolizes the universe. It takes around 3 weeks to make.


Color: Mint green

Technique: Waist loom.

Size: Medium

Length: 93 cms / 37''

Side to side: 62 cm /24''

M/ San Andrés Waist Loom Huipil dress / cotton


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