• Liz

A trip to Oaxaca...

The second part of this trip was to the beautiful state of Oaxaca, this time in the

company of my husband and partner in Bohetnika. I have to mention the great

support he has been, although he does not appear so much in publications or

photos, but he and his passion for Mexico have been a great pillar for Bohetnika

to move forward.

Having mentioned this, I will tell you that we started in Mexico City, where we

rented a car to head south to Oaxaca. Those who have traveled there, will not let

me lie that the views of the landscapes are spectacular. For those of us who love

cactus, this is a Cactus paradise!

Our first appointment was with the artisan Nayelli Lorenzo, from the beautiful

community of San Juan Colorado, a town that borders the state of Oaxaca. She

came in the company of her family and represented a beautiful cooperative of

200 women artisans called Jiñi ñi'u. They are the ones who make beautiful

huipiles in waist loom with impressive figures representative of their community

and that come to life thanks to the natural dyes that they obtain from plants and

flowers of their surroundings. A true work of art!

Do you want to see the process? It is definitely beautiful, basically they use